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Please Review Our Refund Policy Here


Precision Detail LLC Refund Policy

  1. - Precision Detail has a zero-refund policy.

  2. - This policy was put into place as of 01/01/2023.

  3. - Any deposits paid are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.

  4. - If the customer cancels work or changes the date within 48 hours of installation after a deposit is paid, the deposit is forfeited and not subject to a refund of any amount.

  5. - Precision Detail will replace any product if deemed by Precision Detail, and only by Precision Detail, the installation of said product was unsatisfactory or did not conform to our Check-in sheet filled out by the customer prior to commencing work.

  6. - Check-in sheets may be filled out electronically or in person. Either version is a binding agreement between Precision Detail and the customer.

  7. - Precision Detail check-in sheets and all terms within them are considered a part of this policy.

  8. - For no reason will Precision Detail issue a refund of any kind for any work performed or product installed.

  9. - The customer must contact Precision Detail within 14 calendar days from the date of installation concerning any issues with product installation.

  10. - If the customer does not contact Precision Detail within 14 calendar days of product installation, the installation is deemed as accepted by the customer.

  11. - 14 calendar day period begins on the date of work completion.

  12. - Paint Protection Film has a 30-day curing period. Paint Protection Film installations are subject to a 30-calendar day version of this policy, in place of the above-mentioned 14 calendar days of all other product installations.

  13. - Warranties are independent of our film / coating manufacturers and are not considered a refund event.

  14. - Original receipt and warranty card information must be present for any warranty to be validated.

  15. - Warranties are valid for the original purchaser only. 

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