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Dry INstall Paint Protection Film

Dry install paint protection film offers several benefits compared to wet install PPF methods: No drying time: Dry installation does not require any wetting solution, eliminating the need for drying time. This can speed up the installation process and allow you to use your vehicle sooner. Reduced mess: Wet install PPF involves applying a solution to the film, which can be messy and require extra cleanup. Dry install PPF eliminates the need for wetting solution, resulting in a cleaner installation process. Immediate adhesion: Dry install PPF relies on pressure-sensitive adhesives for immediate adhesion to the vehicle's surface. This can make the installation process more straightforward and efficient. Clearer finish: Dry install PPF tends to have a clearer finish compared to wet install methods, as there is no wetting solution involved that could affect the final appearance of the film. Environmentally friendly: Dry install PPF avoids the use of water or other chemicals that may be harmful to the environment during the installation process, making it a more eco-friendly option. Overall, dry install paint protection film offers a convenient, mess-free, and efficient way to protect your vehicle's paint while providing a clear, long-lasting finish.

*With the benefits of Paint Protection Film and the installation  similar to Vinyl,  We can offer this at a lower cost than traditional PPF, and slightly higher than Standard vinyl wrap, giving you the ultimate protection you desire

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